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So, you want to add product reviews to your Shopify store, but did you know:

  • Having five reviews results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost four times. (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
  • Displaying reviews for higher-priced products can increase conversion rates by 380%. (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
  • Purchase likelihood improves 15% when buyers read verified buyer reviews over anonymous reviews. (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
  • 97% of shoppers say reviews influence buying decisions. (Fan and Fuel, 2016)

I personally use the Loox review app for my Shopify store because it allows for photo reviews, automated review requests, review importing, a dedicated product review page, review sharing and so many other effective marketing features.

The Loox Installation & Setup Package includes:

  • Installation of Loox with an extended 30 day trial period
  • Importing of existing reviews from Aliexpress, Shopify Product Reviews, Yotpo,, Conversio, or from a spreadsheet of review you provide
  • Product Review Page setup and Navigation created
  • Brand customization and delivery based scheduling of review request emails
  • Setup Review Widget on product pages
  • You will also receive a PDF with a list of ways to use your product reviews as part of your marketing to convert product reviews to sales.

Additional Services

Integrate with Recart (+1 Day): $79.00

Integrate with Klaviyo (+1 Day): $79.00

Integrate with PushOwl (+1 Day): $79.00

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Julie Starr

Ecommerce Marketing Expert


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Marketing and growing your ecommerce brand can feel overwhelming. Driving organic traffic and converting sales without expensive ad spends is essential for your brand to thrive and I am here to lend a hand. I’m a Shopify & Ecommerce Marketing Expert and the owner of 2 successful Shopify brands that have been thriving (making lots of money) since 2008. I have a Masters Degree in digital publishing, so I am official. ;) Let's remove the guesswork from marketing. My strategies have allowed me to build 6 figure Shopify stores using: Email marketing (I am a Klaviyo Master Partner) SEO Content marketing Pinterest & other organic marketing methods. Visit my blog:

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"Very efficient, organized and easy to work with, already onto another project with Julie! I highly recommend her."

- Angie Evans

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REALLY? This poor women went into the middle of a cat 5 Hurricane (in the Midwest a tornado), she tamed the beast, its almost safe to go in there. My last words to Julie when she started was "USE THE FORCE", there are still a zillion things wrong, pretty awesome working a few hours with that mess (my store), and you have got things falling in place! Do not question this, SUPER POWERS what she completed in my mess(store), there can't be any other answer! thank you again.
Dan Basalone
Very helpful SEO review. Thanks!
Eowyn Levene
Another great job! We love our Pinterest account!
David Basulto
Julie ROCKS! So pleased with the first completed task. #2 already in the works.
Vickie MacFadden
Excellent turn around time, perfect communication and the goods were delivered as promised. Highly recommend.
Holly Warren
Julie that looks perfect, exactly what i wanted Thank You
Dan Basalone
Julie is one of the best SEO Expert at Storetasker I like to believe... Very easy to communicate with her, she understand right away what has to be done. She is very talented and knowledgeable and works very fast. I love to work with her. We are already getting to our next project. I am very happy !!! Thank you so much Julie !!! Highly recommanded !!!
Sylvie Bruges
Another great project with Julie!!
David Basulto
great job, set up app and clear communication!
Tony Greenland
Julie knows her stuff, and delivers above and beyond expectations. She is efficient, friendly, and takes a genuine interest in helping others to succeed. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her, and plan to bring more projects to her as my business grows . Thanks again Julie!
Beverley Bedard
Very helpful and insightful for a company that has been selling online since 1999.
David Carrington
Another great project. Thanks Julie
Higher Objects
Julie was very responsive and got us setup on Klavyio as promised.
Higher Objects
that app is an extremely interesting! the reviews are awesome
Dan Basalone
The best ever! Love working with her!
David Basulto
Hiring Julie pays for itself immediately. Trust me!
David Basulto
Thanks Julie for helping us create our blog posts. Very helpful and good work.
Sean Gentry
Work with Julie! You will thank me later.
David Basulto
Simple put, the best. Hire her now!
David Basulto
Dan Basalone
Great work Julie! We love you!
David Basulto
I have now worked with Julie on several projects. She communicates well throughout the project and delivers on schedule. I highly recommend Julie and plan to work with her in future.
Angie Evans
Great job on the descriptions thanks!
David Basulto
once again an amazing experience. I highly recommend
Deb Schrodt
Five Stars are not enough for Julie!
Deb Schrodt
Best in class she is! Do yourself a favor and hire her!
David Basulto
I love working with Julie! She in prompt in completing projects and also in answering any questions I may have. I highly recommend Julie.
Angie Evans
thank you Julie, your great to work with
Jose Hernandez
Awesomeness. Definitely worth every penny!
David Basulto
Greatest person to work with ever!
David Basulto
A great service and exactly what i needed - so don't hesitate.
Deb Schrodt
Julie is GREAT! We will use her again in the future.
awesome, you need to be a true expert!
Dan Basalone
Julie is a rockstar. She knows her stuff and will make you and your store rockstars too!
David Basulto
I really enjoy working with Julie; she is working on our website for SEO, she knows to do everything, and so well !! She is really the best !! Furthermore she is very nice and responds right away to any messages I send her, she is ready to help any time; she is very talented and knowledgeable. Highly recommended !!
Sylvie Bruges
I had been working with Julie on many projects for our website : She is really wonderful to work with, always does a nice job. Highy recommanded !
Sylvie Bruges
Julie is a quick thinker and full of ideas that she can execute professionally.
Todd Listwin
Very efficient, organized and easy to work with, already onto another project with Julie! I highly recommend her.
Angie Evans
Julie was prompt with the work i needed done i will continue to work with her.
Donald Berger
Julie is absolutely the QUEEN of blog creation! Love love love her work! #ThrilledCustomer
David Basulto
Dan Basalone
Dan Basalone
What an amazing actionable report Julie did for us! Highly recommend!
David Basulto
well here is the difference of someone who thinks they know what there doing (me) and someone who is a true expert (Julie)
Dan Basalone
I have worked on several projects with Julie now mainly to gain more traffic. Since working with her my store traffic has doubled. I’m thrilled with the results! She is very easy to work with and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
Angie Evans
Merci pour l'excellent travail!
Heierli Roger
She's the best! Hire her now! Go on I will wait....
David Basulto
one day maybe I will understand this stuff...………...thank you for all your help
Dan Basalone

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