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Over 30,000 brands trust Storetasker as their go-to partner for all things Shopify development.

From recycled bags to haute couture, we’ve helped thousands of fashion brands bring style to the front door.
Chubbies works with Logan on a monthly retainer.
Etnies works with Maria on retainer. They say she does “awesome work”
From site fixes to a fully custom Shopify theme, we’ve done 20 projects with Loeil to date.
A Storetasker expert now helps the Alpha e-commerce team part time.
We’ve worked with over 1,000 brands making the home a more special place.
Matched to Erik in 2019. He’s now their go to developer.
Ordinary habit met Chiara to customize their product page.
Matched to Chris within 30 minutes, Branch has done 16 projects so far this year.
A Storetasker expert has been a part time member of their dev team all year.
We’ve added free samples, product bundles, and launched wholesale sites. Our experts understand the D2C kitchen.
Matched with Justine and have done five project together this year.
After 51 projects, Truff has Thomas on a monthly retainer.
Matched to Sydney to customize their product page and slide out cart.
Recently started working with Split on some minor site customizations.
How it worked forKyle atJack Henry
Kyle wanted to launch in-cart upsells
We matched him to Joewithin an hour
Next was a sticky add to cart bar and 5 other projects
Now Joe is their “go-to dev. So good and fast.”
We’ve worked with over 300 wellness brands making life healthier and more enjoyable each day.
How HigherDose met Shastri to improve their post-order emails.
Aisle worked with Ivan to improve their Klaviyo email flow.
How Feel met Chiara to help customize their Shopify theme.
Claudia helped Pacha upgrade their Klaviyo email flows.
Exercise drinks, elixirs, and D2C alcohol. Let’s make online your biggest channel (sorry grocery stores).
“Mark is a star. Cannot believe how good he is. Refreshing to work with.”
We matched Soylent to Adan to chat about some of their e-commerce plans for 2020.
Nooma met Mark to work on their Recharge subscription and checkout experience.
We matched Studio Wino to Moshe for several site fixes. They said “everything was perfect. Clear & Fast.”
Some of the biggest names in beauty are on Shopify. We’ve worked with hundreds of beauty brands on everything from in-cart upsells to custom product quizzes.
Matched to an expert in their same time zone to work with their existing dev team.
Matched to an Expert for help with their Bold Bundles App.
How Ogee met Rebecca and Bobby for over 38 projects.
Matched to Joe within one hour who is now their “go to dev”
How AlecmetAndrewfor Rareform
Amazing communication and was fast to respond. Timelines were kept and or beat which was perfect and important!”
Alex, CEO of Rareform Bags
From high end dog leashes to all natural pet food. Storetasker has helped some of the fastest growing pet brands take care of our best friends.
“100% the real deal, always goes above and beyond and will be using again!”
Matched to Adan to build their new custom Shopify site and a custom quiz.
We partnered with Polkadog’s agency to help build and and launch their new Shopify store.
How Oh Pop Dog met Grey for a few theme edits.
One of the fastest growing industries in e-commerce. Our Experts know the complexities of running a CBD business.
“We have been working with Thomas for almost a year and he always lives up to everything he promises to deliver.”
Paso met Joshua for an SEO project. They said he was “incredibly responsive and helpful.”
How Upani met Vitali to improve their blog
We helped Joy Organics migrate from Woo Commerce to Shopify. Now they work with Sharon monthly on site upgrades.
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