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  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Quality work
  • Proactive & creative thinking
  • Friendly service

I design and build creative, functional and highly converting Shopify sites.

I understand that building an online store can be scary! From basic start up to complete custom themes, I will ensure a smooth, dedicated and reliable experience from start to launch.

Our design team and developers work closely to ensure your site is the perfect build for you and your customers.

What’s Included:

  • Brand-enhancing design exploration and creative direction
  • Mobile-first responsive design and optimization
  • Concept and wireframes
  • Leading UX design
  • Complete store set up, using one of Shopify’s premium themes, of the front and backend
  • Imagery, layout and a color palette that works with your branding
  • App setup
  • Product & collection page set up
  • Blog post setup
  • Up to 50 products set up
  • Collections created in accordance to your products and UX
  • Google Analytics and Facebook pixel added
  • Page set up

Additional Services

SEO Optimization - on page analysis, keyword research and implementation ($715.00)

Copywriting for the site - Homepage, up to 20 product descriptions, About Page ($650.00)

Social media branding - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, profile pictures and banner images ($195.00)

50 products set up and sorted into collections (price per 50 products) ($260.00)

Your Expert

Rebecca Worsley

Expert Shopify Designer


(191 Reviews)


I'm an Expert Shopify designer and developer with 7+ years experience in designing and developing high converting Websites and Shopify eCommerce stores. How can I help you? Are you looking to build a new website site from scratch or improve your website design? OR maybe you’re into e-commerce and looking for help with your Shopify store... I can help you with: ✓ E-commerce Website Design And Build, Including Shopify ✓ Pixel-Perfect Responsive Website Design ✓ Front-end Website Development ✓ UI/UX Design & Branding ✓ PSD Conversion to WordPress or Shopify Theme ✓ Tonnes of other cool stuff which I can't wait to tell you about

Latest Review

"Rebecca is incredible! She's fast, reliable and very knowledgable."

- Tyler Narducci

Expert Profile

Customer Reviews

Rebecca is awesome. Great sense of design, knows technically how to make it all work, super attitude, always helpful, prompt to respond. In short, I will hire her again.
Jeff Nelson
Rebecca was very attentive and performed all the requested tasks efficiently. She provided suggestions and tools and responded to messages promptly. We will definitely be reaching out to her again for future projects.
Mahsa Sajadi
Excellent communication and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend highly and would work with again.
Dennis Lemenager
Rebecca never lets me down. I believe this is our 3rd project together..A++
Varun Kumar
Rebecca did a wonderful job as always!
Virginia Olenick
Again I reached out to Rebecca and without any problem at all she understood the project and fixed it in no time flat. Thanks Rebecca...
Pam Johnston
Rebecca is one of the most professional and definitely the best Website Developer I have ever worked with. Her dedication to our project was beyond expectations and whenever we hit a roadblock, she made sure to solve it. I recommend Rebecca and her team to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, well functioning website with a great flow. We will continue working with Rebecca as we expand our website further and I am so, so thankful to have found her!
Anna Sell
Rebecca was efficient and communicative. Knows her stuff
Arshad Bahl
Rebecca is such a great designer and solution oriented with an open mind for feedback. By just giving her the detailed brief she managed to create a great website with outstanding visuals that became a meme for our fans and they are demanding they designs to be downloadable for their screens background. Definitely recommended and i will keep working with her.
Mohammad Shanab
Another fantastic job by Rebecca. She is amazing to work with. Thanks again for the great job!
Outstanding work! I have used Rebecca many times for my work. She listens, efficient and does a great job and fast. I highly recommend Rebecca to the Storetasker community. She doesn't disappoint with her work.
Nabila Saad
Great job as always! No issues whatsoever :)
Hans Lemmens
Great design work and followup
Tom Bowser
Rebecca is amazing! Communication is impeccable. She is extremely knowledgable at what she does and answers each and every question without hesitation. My project was completed ahead of schedule and looks spectacular! I can't name enough reasons why you should hire Rebecca for all your website needs. You won't regret her professionalism, nor your finished products professional look!
Rene' Jenkins
Always there to help and finish the tasks agreed
Mohammad Shanab
Easy to work with, great communication.
Jeff Lombardo
Great Job by Rebecca and her Rainy City Marketing team. I have done a lot of work with them for our high traffic shopify plus store and I continue to recommend them!
Alex Stark
Very responsive and capable!
Natalie Glover
Always so happy to work with Rebecca!
Tracy Slocum
Rebecca and her team did an amazing job! She was super easy to communicate with and always very responsive, even though we are based in different countries, she always gets back to me very quickly! She has got us setup with a clone site (which is free for Plus users), to test out any of the work she does for us before putting onto our live site and was great advice from her to use this clone site. Rebecca has also handled all front end and backend dev work for us, she's very universal in her skill set. Rebecca and her team continue to amaze me with their high quality of work, timeliness, and dedication to quickly sort through any issues that inevitably will arise when working on a website. Rebecca is without a doubt our go to Expert on Storetasker, can't go wrong with her, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Alex Stark
Great job as always by Rebecca and her talented team, two thumbs way up!!!
Alex Stark
Great work as always! Really love how Rebecca and team go the extra mile!
Pamela Fishma
Awesome as always, great working with Rebecca and really glad we are able to use her for our work
Nick Irani
Quick response, great job......
Jeff Lombardo
Rebecca was extremely professional and super patient with our changes and requests. We will definitely use her again on any future project. Our site looks amazing and modern thanks to her efforts.
Petros Yiannikouros
Great work and quick turn around - thanks Rebecca
Arshad Bahl
I've worked with Rebecca on a couple projects and she does a great job, works fast and get it done. She's my go to person here on ST!
Rebecca NAILED my vision for giving my shop a new branded look!
Heather Troline
Rebecca is always efficient with her time and a true expert.
Pamela Fishman
Very helpful. Went above and beyond to help me understand where we could improve the site. Would definitely hire again.
Orion Brown
Rebecca just resolved a huge issue for us and did it really well, we continue to use her for all our work as she is trusted in her service and skills
Nick Irani
love working with Rebecca! Would definitely recommend her for all your e-com needs :)
Mahsa Sajadi
Rebecca is always making sure I get what I want and when it comes to design, I am super picky :)
carine soriano
Rebecca was just amazing! My entire experience with Storetasker and with Rebecca working through all my requests exceeded my expectations. She listened to what my needs were and delivered excellent work. I couldn't be happier with my website and I will look forward to working with her again. Thanks Rebecca !
Therese Walrath
5 stars as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saj Naeem
Great job by Rebecca and her time. Very fast and efficient. Will continue working with and recommending her to other Shopify Plus members.
Alex Stark
Great job. It was nice working with you. Thank you!
Khalid Ibrahim
Brilliant work by Rebecca and team as always! Great and easy communication. As said before, I highly recommend this crew!
Alex Stark
Rebecca is terrific! Highly recommend!
Brandon Zisman
Great job by Rebecca and her team, as always. She has a great eye for design and is very intuitive in the aesthetic we are going for always. Makes working with her very easy and always productive. Highly recommend!
Alex Stark
Fantastic as always, Super star!
Mohammad Shanab
Super per usual thank you so much Rebecca!
Pamela Fishman
Rebecca is absolutely wonderful to work with. Couldn't be happier with how the project ended up. Very flexible. Look forward to doing more work with Rebecca!
Hardeep Johar
Just did my first project with Rebecca, was really easy to work with, they say "A repeat customer is a happy customer" I will be working with her on a new project shortly.
Phil Wulliger
Rebecca is terrific. I use her for all my Shopify needs!!
Tracy Slocum
Rebecca was a pleasure to work with and her work is excellent.
allen Alovis
Amazing work as always!
Pamela Fishman
Rebecca is incredible! She's fast, reliable and very knowledgable.
Tyler Narducci
Always a pleasure to work w/ Rebecca
Arshad Bahl
Another fantastic job from Rebecca!
John Dalton
Perfect. Quick responses, excellent work and job well done. Thank you!
Michael McGregor
Rebecca's work, attitude, expertise, patience and level of service is just outstanding and unique. There wasn't something she couldn't help. I highly recommend her to everybody planning to launch a Shopify webshop. Great work, beautiful webshop. Thank you very much Rebecca. Julius
Gyula Kiss
Rebecca completed our Google Shopping project quickly and efficiently. We will definitely leverage her services for any future projects.
Ryan Gudovitz
Great communicator and cooperative. I did a test project with her, designing a coming soon landing page. I ended up deciding on another designer, however I was really impressed with what she provided and it was a tough decision. The other designer just suited what I was after a bit more, and I felt he better understood what I am after.
Rhoda Malia
Great work. Exceeds expectations.
Jeff Lombardo
Very helpful and fast. Great job!
Michele Dodds
As a company we know how important reviews can be so we want to be as specific as we can so others can know if working with Rebecca is a good fit for them. The project unfortunately did not go nearly as well as we had hoped. It was an exciting time for us to launch a new website and it sadly happened with a lot of issues and problems through the whole process. Even though we asked if a few more days were needed before the launch Rebecca said it was ready and went ahead with the launch which resulted in many unnecessary fixed. There was no testing done before the launch, she said that is not how she works even though that is a typical standard practice. This resulted in loss of sales, website down time, and website issues as far as functionality and user experience. The website and the launch could have gone a thousand times more smoothly is different steps had been taken. Another challenge we ran into is we are in a different time zone than Rebecca. We are in the US and so her nights are our days and vice versa. Because of this myself and my team were up all hours of the night multiples nights just so we could communicate with Rebecca while she was working where we felt it should have been the other way around. The customer service given to us by Rebecca was rather disappointing. As a company ourselves we do customer service daily and had higher hopes for how situations should have been handled. We would present her with a problem or issue and many times her response back was along the lines of how it was not her fault and she would move on rather than talking issues through with us, it was always a defensive response. Lastly, at the end of the project we decided to have an outside website developer do an Audit of our website to make sure it was functioning before we signed off on the project. He let us know there were no comments anywhere in the code of the website. Rebecca let us know that wasnt how she worked and it wasnt necessary. We talked to three more developers who said it was standard to put comments and had to request a second time that comments be added to the code for future changes and development.
Harmonee Kirkham
Thanks again Rebecca for the extra mile on this one
Arshad Bahl
Another amazing job from Rebecca and her team! Can't recommend them enough. 5 stars!
Jeff Baker
Rebecca is terrific to work with.
Brandon Zisman
Great work as always! Really love working with Rebecca!
Pamela Fishma
Amazingly fast, quick to respond and can handle any task! We have worked with Rebecca for a long time and she is our go to!!
Pamela Fishman
We always hire Rebecca for any Shopify tweaks we have. She always replies very fast, and gets the job done quickly. Highly recommended!
Hans Lemmens
Rebecca is terrific as usual! Highly Recommend
Brandon Zisman
Amazing working with Rebecca again!
Pamela Fishma
Rebecca & team went above and beyond to deliver our store to a high standard. Very much appreciate the effort and results!
Saj Naeem
Rebecca, finish the job excellent good. I like to work with her because she is the best. My yoga webshop looks very nice and professional
Lucien Scheek
Highly recommended. Rebecca is an ace when it comes to all things Shopify,.
Amazing as always!! Thanks so much Rebecca and team. Very happy with the finished work. Highly recommended!
Jeff Baker
Very helpful, timely & friendly service, with successful completion of the required tasks. I will definately consider Rebecca for future projects.
Michele Dodds
Amazing job as always from Rebecca and her team! Supper easy to work and communicate with. Great job all around, highly recommend for anybody with a serious Shopify site!
Alex Stark
Amazing Job by Rebecca and crew as always, great attention to detail! Best of all Rebecca just "gets it" and needs very little input from me to get it perfect. Highly recommend her for any web related tasks, front end or back end, she has it all!
Alex Stark
Great !! I am very satisfied with the result. She manage our story on my shop, because I am not so good at writing something fun. check it out at: Yogashop2018.com If you are looking for someone very good then I recommend you to book Rebecca Worsley. 1000 times thank you Rebecca and see you soon at the next project.
Lucien Scheek
Rebecca did a wonderful job of putting together my webpage, and was infinitely patient in dealing with my tech challenged abilities. Highly recommended!
Al Davis
simply amazing, so honored to be able to work with someone soooo good! She gets it done faster, better and cleaner than anyone ever. I've stopped tinkering and rely on Rebecca for it all now!
Shawn Norris
Rebecca never ceases to amaze us with her work. She has completed every project of ours on time and above expectations. We would definitely recommend her for any project.
Ryan Gudovitz
Amazing job! Ready communication, support, and understanding. In redesigning my site, Rebecca and her team put together some jaw doping/ truly awesome image banners mending perfectly with my brands presence.And the copywriter for blog content, wow - one of the best copywriters! Thank you! Highly recommended and I look forward to working with again.
Marchello Sciortino
Always excellent results with Rebecca! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Therese Walrath
Rebecca is fantastic and speedy quick as always!
Brandon Zisman
Great, exceeded our expectations with this project!
Gabriel Sereni
I'm not sure if I had a webshop at Shpofy without Rebecca's help. He is always extremely helpful and patient. Thank you very much Rebecca!
Gyula Kiss
Rebecca was great - from start to finish. I highly recommend her for any projects on Storetasker as she is highly experienced in Shopify.
Austin Maleki
fast, Sharp & Creative. keep it up.
Mohammad Shanab
Another project done super quick, it's always a pleasure to work with Rebecca
Nabila Saad
I feel very good With the help of Rebecca in designing my shop.
Surachate Ruangdetch
Rebecca is amazing with all the projects she works on and gets them done quickly and professionally. Thanks again!
Once again Rebecca exceeds expectations with her timeline and superior work quality. 👏 👏
Rene' Jenkins
quick response. Great to work with.
Jeff Lombardo
We were recommended to Rebecca through another client of hers. As a new brand and very specific on our vision, Rebecca worked with us to create the perfect site. She was very quick to respond and helped us set everything up/went above and beyond to make sure we got everything taken care of. She took personal time to send us videos/tutorials whenever we needed it. We would highly recommend her!! Thanks Rebecca!
Rebecca did an amazing job and delivered and beautiful site for my client. She is definitely a professional.. Thank you!
Amazing job from Rebecca and her team! Very professional, great suggestions, clean work, and excellent communication. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone! If I could give 6 out of 5 stars, I would. Thanks again!
Jeff Baker
Rebecca Worsley was incredibly helpful designing my website, beyond anything I could have imagined. Her patience with my sporadic availability in a different time zone was amazing. Rebecca’s ability to take me step by step through the process made it a successful experience.
Paula Ong
Always pressure to work with Rebecca. She super great from start to finish. I highly recommend her for any projects. We will always definitely be reaching out to her again for future projects.
Nabila Saad
Rebecca is responsive and amazing to work with.
Meghan Folsom
Rebecca was great to work with
Pam Johnston
amazing to work with - just does a great job every time
Shawn Norris
Rebecca is AMAZING- I use her for every project I have on Shopify. She really knows her stuff and is always quick to respond and get things done.
Pamela Fishman
Great as always, responsive and takes ownership over her work.
Mohammad Shanab
Rebecca is wonderful! She's fast, responsive, and super willing to answer any questions you may have. I can't wait to work with her again.
Michael Leip
Rebecca is so helpful, quick to respond, and an excellent problem solver. She goes out of her way to ensure that her clients' needs are met, even if it's a bit beyond her wheelhouse. I can't wait to work with her again!
Michael Leip

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