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Chloe is a wealth of design knowledge, a forward thinker in the DTC branding space and fun to work with! When we partner with Chloe on visual identity and packaging projects, we know we can expect thoughtful, fresh, high-level creative. She has great taste and always engages in a reliable collaborative process.
Dana Alley, Chief Client Officer at Angry Gods venture incubator,
Senior Shopify Expert
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Chloe is a visual designer specializing the branding, packaging, and web design, with over ten years of experience working with large companies & boutique businesses, startups, and CPG brands. She loves working directly with founders to establish their brand story and translate it into a visual landscape, through strategy, messaging, and compelling design.
Beyond Shopify
I try to squeeze as much action and play into my offscreen time as possible! This includes romps at the park with my toddler, cooking & playing games with my family, long walks with my dog while listening to podcasts, heading to the river in the summertime, creating art on paper, learning ai, and watching Survivor (Ok, the last two involve screens). Everywhere I go, I'm looking for design cues and talking to the people.
Brand Design
Full Website Design
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