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As CEO of Jaxsta and Vampr, I can confidently endorse Amjad's design skills and work ethic as the ongoing lead for our business in these areas. His designs consistently combine intuitive usability with aesthetic appeal, making him a strong asset to any project. His professionalism, creativity, and knack for problem-solving speak volumes about his expertise, and his input is undoubtedly beneficial.
Josh Simons, Jaxsta & Vampyr
Senior Shopify Expert
work with Amjad
With a passion for collaborating with tech startups for more than 5 years, my primary objective is to assist these startups in achieving exceptional outcomes by strategically enhancing their user experience, app/website design, and branding. Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and management, I have founded my own businesses and contributed as a founding designer in others. This experience has honed my ability to design innovative solutions while maintaining a focus on business profitability and growth, which I consider to be my superpower.
Beyond Shopify
In addition to being a designer, I'm an INTJ who's super adventurous and a huge enthusiast of hobbies! I absolutely adore playing guitar, skating, surfing, gaming, and, of course, traveling!
Full Website Design
Brand Design
Art Direction
Select Projects
Website Design
20 days
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