Weekly Klaviyo Email Campaigns - 12-week package

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75 / hour
Hourly Rate
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Payment is held in escrow until the work is completed and approved by you.

Weekly Klaviyo Email Campaigns - 12-week package

Project Price
Starting Price
75 / hour
Hourly Rate
  • Work with a top-rated Shopify expert
  • Payment held in escrow until completion
  • Review the work before approving the project
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Service Description

No time to craft a weekly email to engage your customers?


Yet you know that email is one of the best channels for maintaining and strengthening customer relationships over time.


Building an email list and sending weekly campaigns gives you a way to retain the traffic you worked so hard to earn by providing subscribers with an incentive to stay in touch.


  • Email lets you build ongoing customer relationships
  • Email is incredibly effective at driving sales
  • Email isn’t influenced by third-party gatekeepers


I’ll take care of crafting and sending 12 weekly email campaigns in your Klaviyo account.

The service includes:

  • 12-weekly email campaigns
  • Resending each weekly email to an optimized segment
  • Includes subject and preview line
  • Includes copy in a tone to suit your brand
  • Includes image (from your website or social feed)
  • A special offer may be included in 1 out of 4 campaigns. Offer to be discussed eg gift with purchase, BOGO, sale price with discount code)
  • Call to action
  • Results are tracked and reported to you every 4 weeks (or more often if you like)

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Claudia Howard

Shopify Email Marketing Expert


(565 Reviews)


I’m a Shopify Expert (and Email Marketing Expert) from BC's Sunshine Coast. * Feeling overwhelmed with the 100's of things you need to do this week? I can help! * With 15 years in ecommerce (6 of those with Shopify) gives me the experience to understand what really works when it comes to building high-functioning Shopify stores. * My clients tell me I'm an effective communicator that explains technical stuff in plain language. I'm keen to set-up your first Shopify store, refresh your existing Shopify store with a new theme, and help you grow your Shopify traffic with money-making email automations.

Expert Profile

Customer Reviews

Claudia's work is fabulous! I am looking forward to working with her in the future.
Lisa Moulden
Claudia is a dream come true! She is quick, knowledgeable and a explains everything in a manner that I understand. She was able to quickly troubleshoot some issues I was experiencing in my email capture. Highly recommend.
Anna Anagno
Claudia did a great job, as always! Highly recommend her services.
Andrea Herrmann
Claudia was easy to work with and answered all my questions quickly
Elisheva Manekin
Great experiance working with Claudia! A+
Brad Wright
Claudia is ultra professional! Her videos and ongoing communication throughout the project was so helpful. She even answered questions I didn’t know I had - hiring someone with experience and foresight-priceless! Thanks Claudia!!
Marybeth Bruns
Great project with Claudia, it saves me so much time and helps me get faster to my goal. Highly recommended.
Edith Minne
Claudia was great! My flows work great and saved me hours of guesswork. Thank you!
Carolina Pastrana
Claudia is fantastic and went above and beyond to set up my Klaviyo funnels. Thank you so much!
Carrie Willhoff
Always a pleasure working with Claudia. She knows her stuff!
Amber Collins
So helpful, fast and a total delight to work with!
maradith frenkel
Claudia is prompt and a pro!
Trish Setlik
very professional, great explanation of the work carried out. Thanks
Tony Rawson
DJ Hume
Another great job! Claudia has created new pop ups for both my stores using justuno & klaviyo. she also improved all the settings so they are running properly on mobile & desktop. I highly recommend Claudia's services.
Krista Williamson
Claudia is wonderful! Easy to work with and organized
Lorena Garcia
Thank you for being thorough. Appreciate it.
Rad Miryala
claudia is responsive and very knowledgable.
Jill Roucha
As always, Claudia is the best. I love working with her.
Dea Shelton
Claudia is very clear, works fast and communicates well :)
Carolina Pastrana
Claudia is a rock star! Thanks Claudia!
Natalie Wong
Awesome work as always with Claudia! Thank You.
Krista Williamson
Working with Claudia is always lovely. She is super prompt, professional, gives suggestions and explains what she's doing with videos, which is really helpful and appreciative. I'll definitely be working with Claudia again! Thanks Claudia!
Christine Kizik
Professional service, quick response.
Pamela Lappin
Claudia does exactly what is needed. Super!
Steve Roles
I always go to Claudia for all shopify and klaviyo related work. She is reliable and efficient. I appreciate it very much that she takes time to explain to me what she has done. I highly recommend her for all your freelance work!
Jasmine Lee
Claudia proactive and knowledgeable. I always enjoy working with her and will continue to do so.
Chanea Davis
Claudia was a HUGE help in switching us over from mailchimp to Klaviyo, we are so happppyyy!!!
Tracey Hicks
Claudia was super helpful and very clear in her suggestions.
Lesley Visutsiri
Claudia was amazing to work with. I loved the videos she sent me so I could better understand the email app. She complete everything really quickly and very easy to understand.
Dea Shelton
Claudia is very patient and cares for the customer & project. Very fast service. very detailed work and support.
Always great working with Claudia!
Amber Collins
Amazing to work with, highly recommend.
Wonderfully reliable service! Highly recommended.
Edith Minne
Claudia always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect!
Bonnie Welsh
So great to work with Claudia! She's prompt & reliable! Her services were recouped in sales in the first week!
Melisa Lent
right on the first pass
Jacopo Bracco
Claudia proactive and knowledgeable. I always enjoy working with her and will continue to do so.
Chanea Davis
Very helpful and valuable suggestions for my store. Thank you!!
Andrea Herrmann
I highly recommend Claudia! She is very easy to work with and really knows her stuff!!
Cheryl Adams
It is always a pleasure working with Claudia. Being an entrepreneur has such a steep learning curve, so whenever you find someone you can work with who can help you with the tasks that are not your forte, are patient with millions of questions, are understanding when you don't understand... It's just such a relief. Thanks so much Claudia for all your help! Would definitely recommend - five stars!!
Christine Kizik
Excellent work! Timely, thorough, went above and beyond!!! I really enjoyed working with Claudia, she caught a lot of glitches that other freelancers did not pick up on. THANKS!!!
Rad Miryala
Claudia is a great expert to work with! Project done in a timely fashion and all aspects handled well! Thank you.
Roxanne Yeun
Claudia is always great to work with.
Nathan Milhous
Another great job completed by Claudia. Thank you!!
Judi Bendixen
Great service and good advice as well. Thank you.
Marie Salter
Thanks a lot.
Christian Roth
claudia great. quick and strong communication. very experienced.
Roucha Roucha
Claudia is wonderful to work with! She does a great job, and we always learn from her.
Megan Lingo
Claudia is super knowledgeable and easy to work with. Love her ideas!
Renee Van Winkle
The BEST as always :)
Daniel Moosah
Always a pleasure working with Claudia!
Amber Collins
Claudia is great to work with. She works quickly and is very helpful and thorough. I highly recommend her services.
Krista Williamson
A pleasure to work with Claudia. Clear and efficient communication, gets jobs done on schedule.
Alexandra Dennis
We enjoyed Claudia's personable and collaborative approach to working on our website updates.
Lorraine McElwain
Claudia proactive and knowledgeable. I always enjoy working with her and will continue to do so.
Chanea Davis
Working with Claudia was such a pleasure. Not only was my template design beautiful, she was so helpful with all my questions. Looking forward to working with her again as my business grows.
Amber Collins
As always Claudia is very responsive. She asks all the right questions to make sure my project is done correctly and she goes the extra mile with follow up.
Krista Williamson
Claudia is brilliant. I feel supported and at ease, knowing I have such amazing and professional tech support. She's my Shopify Guru!
Camila Prada
Claudia was great to work with. Her ideas were excellent, she added lots of value to the process, was helpful & responsive to all my questions. The completed project was better than I had anticipated.
Krista Williamson
Highly recommend Claudia! Smooth and easy migration.
Courtney shows
Another awesome experience with Claudia.
Naomi Wratten
Exactly as promised and answered all my questions!
Jared Greenberg
The best :)
Daniel Moosah
Claudia helped me with a popup for my site. She is very thorough and knows her stuff!
Kerry Smith
Claudia was able to catch some errors in my Klaviyo set up. She was excellent at providing me insight on how to navigate tools like Klaviyo and JustUno. A good instructor.
Elvira Di Gesu
Claudia was generous with her time and answered all of my questions. She was kind and delivered the projected in the expected time frame. I highly recommend Claudia and look forward to working with her again.
Anna Anagno
Great experience working with Claudia!
Cindy Reeves
Claudia is very knowledgable & professional. Love the video's she does to explain everything!
Trish Setlik
Claudia goes the extra mile to make sure things will work as promised. I love her insights and critical mind to think about possible hiccups.
ann chikahiusa
Claudia did a great job. She was cooperative and understanding. Any issues were addressed immediately and taken care of. Do not hesitate to hire Claudia!
Butch Ponoroff
Claudia was very responsive and helpful.
Katie Boteler
another great project - Thanks
Naomi Wratten
Great service and quality results. I'd definitely work with Claudia again!
Phil Warden
It was a pleasure to work with Claudia! Everything was very easy and quick.
Dagmar Spichale
Claudia is the absolute best! Above and beyond.
Lisa Riznikove
Claudia was quick and explained everything clearly and even gave us a few extra tips. Thank you, Claudia!
Suzanne Fluke
The video tutorial was very helpful.
Keneesha Hudson
Great communication and on time delivery so far. Keep it up!
Ian K
Claudia is a pleasure to work with. I heartily recommend her.
Karen Sternberg
Claudia is always great! 5 stars!
I appreciate your attention to detail, thoroughness and understanding of e-commerce that you bring to the project. Excellent work, as always! Thanks, Lisa
Lisa Falconer
Fantastic as always!
Rad Miryala
Completed by time frame given with all questions answered!
Jared Greenberg
Great work and took care of everything I needed
Joanne Litz
Claudia was fantastic!!! Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make sure everythign was all good.
Tracey Hicks
Another great experience working with Claudia. She does a great job and she's quick! Love it. Will definitely hire her again!
Kristina Trew
Olga Rumble
Claudia goes above and beyond, she knew exactly what I wanted and delivered it. Very realiable and timely. I will use her again.
Meher Idrees
We were so impressed by Claudia's thoroughness and knowledge. We will definitely be coming back for more work with her.
Megan Lingo
Claudia is very knowledgable & professional. Love the video's she does to explain everything!
Trish Setlik
thanks! You're awesome and I love working with you.
ann chikahiusa
Amazing as per usual. Claudia is so great to work with, she explains what she is doing, is so lovely and friendly to work with, and always does a wonderful job. I've worked with her many times and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again Claudia!
Christine Kizik
Claudia is amazing, what more can I say.
Dea Shelton
Claudia is great at explaining how she does the work requested.
Teena Brown
Claudia is very easy to work with. Highly recommend her.
Pamela H Lappin
Claudia was quick to respond & quick to complete my project. She also gave me additional tips to improve my page. I'd highly recommend her.
Katia Hawkins
Very glad to have found Claudia. She was amazing in helping through the difficulties caused by the general updates shopify did at a very inopportune time. She is very proficient, knowledgeable, and helpful in both ideas and solutions to problems. I will be returning for more assistance in modernizing my site again soon.
Marie Salter
Quick, efficient and very professional. Highly recommend Claudia!!
Marie Salter
She did exactly what I asked and very quickly.
Janice Klein Ungar

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