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Get new and repeat Shopify customers with a customized Klaviyo automated email funnel. *8-Part Welcome Series Automation* Turn your website visitors into subscribers and your subscribers into customers. The Welcome Series Automation uses an enticing offer (Discount Code or Free Shipping, etc) to encourage your website visitors to subscribe. Bite-sized pieces of info about your products and company's mission and vision are dripped out in 8 emails over 6 weeks. Each email includes a reminder to the subscriber to apply the offer to make their first purchase. The automation emails are deep-linked to your Shopify store so once a Welcome Series subscriber has made a purchase they stop receiving the remaining emails in the series (and moved to a Post-Purchase email funnel). The Welcome Series funnel includes a customized template, subject line, images, placeholder copy, button, Discount Code for offer (generated from Klaviyo), and segment conditions.

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