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She was someone who not only did the work asked for but helped me as a non-technical person understand what she needed to do efficiently and correctly, flagging potential issues before they became problems.
David Olson, Founder of
Senior Shopify Expert
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With more than 3 years of experience in Shopify and software engineering, Jocelyn loves to use her deep knowledge and strategic insights to collaborate with purpose-driven small and medium-sized eCommerce brands on their Shopify stores to increase customer connection and store revenue.
Beyond Shopify
I like to be active on my off time to counteract my otherwise sedentary lifestyle. I go rock climbing during the week and on Sundays I hike in the Bavarian Alps. I also enjoy going out to trying new food cultures - I recently went to an Ethiopian restaurant for the first time!
E-commerce Platform Migration
Site Speed Optimization (Dev)
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