We are looking for designers and developers that have both skill and talent but are even stronger communicators. The Storetasker philosophy for getting stuff done rests on the idea that a developer’s communication skill will be the ultimate factor of success with clients. Understanding the project, in the right context, and working with clients to help them translate their project ideas into technical specs, setting proper expectations, and then finally delivering, is hard work. Truth is, most people that call themselves designers and developers do not have good , or even great, communication skills. Do you?

This is the fundamental idea on which Storetasker was built. We have non-technical store owners in mind when we screen our experts. We accept confident individuals who can guide store owners through the specifications and workflows of a project, thus increasing the probability of its completion and the overall satisfaction of our customers.

Not everyone is a proper fit for Storetasker. Please continue to read the following guidelines for our precise requirements, mindset and some of the soft skills we will look for in your application.


Bring a strong work ethic to this partnership.

We back your work and quality with our established brand. Our promise consists of guaranteeing an excellent workflow for store owners, and a great way for experts like you to grow income, expertise and equity in the Shopify space.


You can manage and deliver on your proposals.

Your ability to manage expectations for both small and large projects, communicate in a timely manner with the utmost respect and with a customer centric tone (even when projects get tough or are misjudged), is ultimately your responsibility. While you are focused on delivering quality in this regard, we are committed to continue improving our platform and its workflows to help support you.


You must be excellent at scoping and quoting a wide range of Shopify development and design projects with precision.

Jobs will vary widely, as wide as an entrepreneurs imagination. Rushing quotes or over-estimating to cover unknown time requirements will not be accepted. Developers are given time to communicate with merchants before submitting quotes. Getting this part right is a part of our promise and commitment to our merchants.



You can commit to being active on the platform daily and respect the timeframes set out by your project quotes. When a project has been accepted, you are willing and able to respond to all of your customer inquiries with little-to-no delay. Any delay in communication should be clear and discussed prior to accepting any payment. You must also be available to respond to any and all Storetasker project escalations or complaints within 24 hours.


You agree to fully absorb the burden of chargebacks.

Although our goal is to prevent this at all costs, as a service provider you play a large role in ensuring that the customer experience will not lead to a chargeback. All paid-out project chargebacks will be at the cost of the developer and must be paid back, along with any chargeback fees, to Storetasker.


You do not need to be an officially registered Shopify expert.

We will however ask you for your portfolio of experience and why you think you would be an asset to the platform. We are especially interested in developers who can offer both basic Shopify development services and specific or niche Shopify related services, such as marketing, app development, SEO, etc.


You share our “growth” mentality.

While we invite all freelance developers, designers, as well as agencies and teams to join us, we have found that freelancers that wish to remain independent or solo are generally not the best fit for Storetasker. We want to avoid new developers from joining the platform, over-estimating their capacity, and getting too busy to continue regularly serving quotes to our merchants. This can happen within only a few weeks, or sometimes months, and may require for us to cease our partnership agreement. Although you are free to stop working with Storetasker at anytime, we ask that you only apply if you have the intention to grow with us and that you are both physically capable and mentally prepared for a 6-month commitment to the daily use of our platform.

Patience, involvement and the highest level of development and design work, matched only by excellent customer service, is our promise. If you are on the same page, and you consider yourself an A-player, we want to work with you.