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Google Analytics Report

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Service Description

Do you look at your Google Analytics data and are confused with all the numbers and jargon? Do you need to know what time of day most people from Canada are viewing your site, or just how well your ads are doing, as they might not buy on their first visit but a couple of weeks later?

I will provide you with results for up to five areas, which will be presented to you on a PDF report.

Things you might want to know about:

  • Bounce rate
  • What time of day you get the most visits
  • Visitors by country
  • New vs returning customers
  • Site speed
  • Site searches
  • Best converting products
    Referral traffic

Please note: You will need your Google Analytics account to be set up properly and to have been running for a while with traffic, in order to show correct data.

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Steven Hudspith

Senior Shopify Developer


(382 Reviews)


Hello and welcome to my Page :) About Me I have over 30 years retail experience in just about every aspect of the sector and I also have over 5 in e-commerce experience and I have run my own store e commerce in the past so I understand how much hard work that takes too. I now spend my time helping other people get there stores online and help make the all important improvements to help them succeed in this hard industry. Thanks Steven :)

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Customer Reviews

Steve did a great job for me, and I look forward to working with him again soon!
Ray Doustdar
great work, very fast and efficient.
Not an easy task, but completed just as we wanted.
Johan Hartnack
Work was great love the quick and simple results that can quickly be actionable
Bret Henning
Steven is my go-to for Shopify coding/design updates. Another project completed quickly and with great communication an patience, as always. Will continue to use Steven via Storetasker. Its like having instant access to my own Shopify developer.
Nicky Sherwood
Tremendous feedback that we will implement!
David Basulto
Another amazing job done.. Thanks so much
Jodie Webb
Amazing service - will defintiely be back. Thank you
Jack Sandford
fast and quick! great service. Recommend!
Jonathan Reyes
Job well done, thank you! Would recommend to others.
Allyson Owens
Highly recommended!! Great service!!
Thomas Laird
Steve is the greatest. Very fast and accurate to meet your needs, he actually listens to what you want and need. I can't say enough good things about him. He really know his stuff. Don Fortier
Donald Fortier
Quick and efficient turnaround!
Astrid Montalta
Steven was fantastic to work with - answered all my queries and project was completed in a timely fashion. Thank you!
Roxanne Yeun
Quick response time on initial request and great communications.
Liv McClintock
Very easy and crystal clear information. I can recommend Steven and will work again with with him.
Felipe Vallejos
Great service and really helpful information on where to improve my website. I'll be using Steven again for sure.
Steven is great to work with. Explained very well every part of the project and work quickly. Thank you!
Adriana Walsh
Very good service ++. Thank you for your help
Thomas Laird
My experience working with Steve was positive. I appreciate his straightforward communication and prompt delivery of service!
Donna Hiebert
We had great support with our Google Analytics project.
Kevin Mattson
Excellent - extremely knowledgeable and helpful, highly recommend.
Nabila Saad
Really helpful feedback for a new retail site! Thank you!
Leslie Merriman
Awesome to work with and very helpful. We will continue to seek out Steven for future projects. Highly recommended.
Monica Martines
Job well done. Hope to work with you soon.
Andy Hammad
Great communications and very knowledgeable!
Jesper Bækgaard
Steven offers a great services and awesome technical knowledge to back it up. 100% recommend
Daniel Ashworth
Fantastic Made the process Quick and Easy Thanks
Jodie Webb
Steven is GREAT!!! He is my go-to for all things conversation and Shopify. Looking forward to our next project together.
Stacey Leon
Steven did a nice job @ follow what was expected. He transferred my old theme to my new theme seemless.
Justin Jones
Excellent experience and service. Great advice and woud recommend to anyone !
Wanderlust Drones
He was quick and thorough. Would use again!
Molly Rottschafer
Great insight, helpful and actionable tips which are exactly what we need :) Cheers, Steven !
Gabbi Murrell
Steven’s CRO report was very beneficial, informative, and detailed. It helped us uncover many different areas of improvement we could make to optimize our site to have an increase in conversions. Steven answered and continues to answer all questions we have about the results of the report, and we look forward to continue working with him to improve our site.
Cam Dalmyn
great job by Steven. Excellent advice.
Donna Chambers
Professional advice/report was provided on time and gave lots of insight on much needed improvement that we're taking steps to implement. Thanks Steven :)
Freddy G
Quality advise. Not sure it will fix the problem, but we will see.
shannon cahoon
Just plain amazing. This man is extremely understanding and easy to talk to. Would definitely recommend and tag again in a future project! Great work Steven :)
Steven comes highly recommended and was very savvy with best practices. We would certainly reach out to him again.
Monica Martines
Super fast, and completed the page exactly how I wanted. Thanks
Jodie Webb
Responsive and helpful. Thanks Steven
Liz Moffett
Steven has been excellent! He is so easy to work with and does great work.
Job well done again. Thanks Steven
Raivinder Singh
Professional, no fuss knew what we needed doing and just got it done, worked with us on timescale as well. Rest assured with this expert.
adrian jordan
Quick and Thorough, thanks so much!
Kerry Smith
Steven was an excellent partner. Great communication and a "let me figure this out" mentality. I would definitely use him again!
William Schumacher
Steven has maded a great job, I recommend!
Thomas Li Vigni
Very helpful with suggestions for improvements with the project. Easy to work with and quick.
Carling Wong-Renger
Always a pleasure to work with
Ejuice Deals
Steven was great to work with. Project done promptly and well done. Thank you!
Christian Muller
Excellent service thank you very much
Jack Sandford
Very helpful feedback on my store! Will definitely implement these ideas ASAP. Thanks Steven!
Ilonka Berryman
Great working with Steven. Thank you!
Adriana Walsh
I have worked with Steven before and he is always very helpful and responds to all project updates in a timely manner. I will continue to request him as my 'tasker' for future projects.
Nicky Sherwood
Outstanding work, very communicative.
Ryan Zagata
Always a pleasure to work with Steven, he's very patient with my not always clear instructions and gets the job done with no fuss. Will use again.
Nicky Sherwood
Excellent work from Steven on this project. Always available to answer our queries and keeps us running smoothly.
Raivinder Singh
Steven has been excellent! He is so easy to work with and does great work.
Easy - good comms - quick and efficient
Richard Redding
Job well done again. Thanks Steven
Raivinder Singh
Great work from Steven. Clear and upfront about tasks and always completes in a timely fashion.
Raivinder Singh
Steven was super helpful, super fast and most important extremely patient! Once again thank you man!
Jakub Konopka
Steven handled the project very professionaly and delivered exactly to the specs. Thanks to him and his team in the background for tirelessly working on our project!
Nidhi Rana
Does a great job! Thank you, Steven!
Allyson Owens
Steven promptly addressed my issue. Job well done!
Steven communicates well but is reliant upon other developers for certain tasks, which complicates the process. We had scheduled one week for several large updates and did miss the deadline by about one week, but at the end everything was taken care of and was satisfactory completed. Removed one star for missing deadline. Would consider using again still.
Ryan Kline
Another amazing job.. Thanks..
Jodie Webb
Fast, prompt and thorough. Recommend
Corinna Dowdy
Sometimes not all my questions are answered, and maybe I ask too many but the work is done.
Steven was an excellent resource and gave me the confidence that our Google Analytics was set-up correctly. I will definitely use him again. 5 Stars and More!
David Carrington
working with Stephen is always a pleasure and will always go above and beyond in supporting me and my brand.
Bushra Nazir
Fast, efficient, a pleasure to deal with.
Thomas Laird
Always quick to reply and ended up with a page I was really happy with. Very grateful to Steven and his coder.
Sophie OMulloy
He was quick and thorough. Would use again!
Molly Rottschafer
Steven was great to work with. He was excellent in responding to all my questions in a clear, prompt and complete way.
Eddie Treizman
communicative, effective and efficient. Highly recommended!
Case Bakker
fast and efficient as always. Thanks
Raivinder Singh
Does great work, always quick to respond
Steven was quick to respond to my queries. He also made suggestions for improvement to my site. Thank you for the good work
Completed ahead of timeline and took time to answer/clairfy suggestions. Appreciated the extra time to make sure I made the proper changes.
Jared Greenberg
Very Fast, Also Very Accurate. Thank-you for updating our theme!
Richard Gabourie
Great service, will always recommend to anyone
Daniel Ashworth
Steven has been great to work with and he was quick to answer my queries quickly. Very positive experience.
Frances Cain
The team at Linelink Online - have used Steven many times for our work. He listens, is thorough and does a great job and fast. We highly recommend Steven to the Storetasker community. You will not be disappointed in his work.
Steven was great to work with, very responsive, professional attitude, did a great job upgrading my store functionality. Highly recommended.
shenhav avidar
He was easy to work with and helpful.
Molly Rottschafer
Amazing work again.. Thanks so much
Jodie Webb
Thorough and timely work. Highly recommend.
Alexandra Dennis
Steven was very responsive and professional.
Higher Objects
Steven was very professional, answered all my questions, and made all the needed changes I needed for my project. Would most certainly recommend him !!! Ted Stuckey
Ted Stuckey
Great work, perfect communication
Pierre Tucoulat
Steven updated my very outdated Shopify Theme and handled all of the customization to ensure a seamless process. He was quick, thorough and detailed. He was responsive and flexible as I had a few changes as the project went along. I'll request him again in the future and I'll be happy to recommend him.
Frances Valera
Steve is great. Patient, and thorough.
kathy glynn
Steven is great, A++++. You won't get a better experience!
Steven was great. He is a great asset!!
Andy Hammad
Thank you! Great work and easily worked out a couple kinks!!
kathy glynn
Good report, on par with expectations
Rex Raymond
Very rapid service for site review.
Dorian Banks
Met deadlines and did a great job first time. Would highly recommend.
Jason Tremblay
Very helpful and great work. We will use him future work
Jay Ramon

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